Getting it right when you choose the equipment to pour your concrete walls with is essential. Just as important is paying the right price for the right equipment. At Independent Forming, LLC, we specialize in helping contractors and construction firms find the right forms for concrete walls at prices that make sense. Our brokerage maintains a large inventory of both new and used concrete forms for walls, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for — we can help you locate and acquire it at a price we know you’ll be happy with.

New Concrete Forms For Walls

Are you looking for new concrete forms for walls from a specific manufacturer? We can help. Do you need to use specific materials, like steel or aluminum, for the job you are on? No problem. At Independent Forming, LLC, we know which brands work best and can help provide guidance for your job if you’re not sure which formwork materials to use. Most importantly though, we refuse to carry sub-par materials — concrete formwork or otherwise.

To find out if we have the new concrete forms for walls that you’re looking for, or to get us started on finding the right ones and the right quantities, contact our team today or fill out the form on this page.

Used Concrete Forms For Walls

Concrete forms for walls tend to have a pretty long lifespan — so long, in fact, that most companies that buy them new will re-sell them long before they have worn out. We work with contractors and firms from around the world to purchase quality used concrete forms for walls and get them into the hands of other construction specialists who are looking for a good price on materials that still have a lot of life left in them. It saves the sellers the cost and space of storing them and helps to provide buyers with reasonably priced materials, allowing them to be more competitive in today’s new construction market.

If you’re looking for quality used forms at a great price, then you need to get in touch with Independent Forming, LLC today. Browse our list of current inventory or reach out directly to inquire about having us find what you’re looking for.

Let Us Help Find The Right Forms For You

No matter what your specific needs are — new or used, specific brands, or even clamping and shoring materials — Independent Forming, LLC can provide you with the goods and services you are looking for. Contact us today to let us know how we can help and get an estimate from an experienced member of our customer service team.