For more than 30 years, the friendly professionals at Independent Forming have learned the ins and outs of concrete forming. Whatever tools and forms you need for your formwork project, we are here to help. From the smallest independent companies to the largest corporations, we have exactly what you need. And, we are here to assist all those in the contracting business — including those who are no longer in need of their new and used concrete forms. We offer brokerage services to help you sell your forms.

Our mission is to offer top-notch customer service with the concrete forming products and materials to match. Quality is our specialty, and timeliness is our goal. We make sure to deliver everything you need as quickly as we can to keep your formwork project running smoothly. You have a deadline to meet, and we look forward to helping you stay on schedule.

From engineering to architecture, our professionals have experience in all aspects of concrete construction. We help our clients with all of their concrete forming needs. We even offer takeoffs to fit your design needs, saving you both time and money as you complete your project. And, when you are finished with your concrete forms, we can help you sell them to someone else who needs them. Contact us today to learn more about any of our concrete form products or services.