The most important part of any quality construction job is laying a strong foundation. Everything that you do as a contractor is built from the ground up. To do your job right, you need access to the highest quality basement concrete forms, and Independent Forming, LLC can help. Our concrete formwork brokerage has a wide-ranging inventory of new and used forms and can help locate exactly what you’re looking for if we don’t already have it in stock.

New Concrete Basement Forms

There are a lot of fantastic brands that provide excellent forms for pouring concrete basement walls and foundations. If you’re looking for new concrete basement forms for your upcoming construction job, then Independent Forming, LLC can help. Not only can we help you find the forms you are looking for, but we can also share our extensive knowledge of the materials and brands that will work best based on your job’s needs.  

To get the service and help you are looking for, fill out the form on this page or contact us by phone to discuss what you’re looking for and get an estimate from our experienced customer service team.

Used Concrete Basement Forms

If you’re not in the market for new forms, don’t worry — Independent Forming, LLC has a great selection of used concrete basement forms to choose from. Most formwork has a lifespan well beyond the needs of a single owner, job site, or contractor, but many companies don’t have the resources to store their concrete formwork inventories. That’s where Independent Forming, LLC comes in. We work with construction firms to acquire the basement concrete forms that they are finished using at great prices, and we store them securely until we find another business that can get usage out of them. It’s smart, efficient, and helps support both the buyer and seller.

Visit our inventory page to see the most recent additions to our stock, or contact us today to discuss what we can help locate for you and your team.

Let Us Help Find The Right Forms For You

At Independent Forming, we’re more than happy to help locate the exact equipment you need — and not just concrete basement formwork. We also carry and locate clamp systems, shore systems, and more. Contact us today to get started.