Not all concrete forms are created equal, but you don’t need us to tell you that. With that in mind, Independent Forming was created with a specific vision of providing only the best formwork materials to our clients. We know you need high-quality products that allow you to create the best possible structures for your clients or personal projects.

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Concrete Formwork Brands

Ellis Formwork Manufacturing is an Oklahoma company that has been shaping the concrete formwork industry for over 50 years. Their Pro-Form Modular System is reusable, cost effective and versatile. Made from high carbon steel and 100 percent Birch plywood, the concrete forms have handles for easier stripping. These sturdy cement forms have been known to remain in service for up to 30 years and are usable with Symons Steel-Ply and other similar formwork systems, and are sable as a hand-set or gang formed system. If you’re looking specifically for Ellis brand concrete formwork products, Independent Forming can help.

Sure Built proudly manufacture their concrete forming systems in Chicago and offers fully assembled gang forms and their well know Sure-Ply Handset Forming System. Regardless of the size of job that you are doing, Sure Built has reliable, versatile materials that can help. Like most other reputable wall forms, the Sure-Ply system is compatible with Symons Steel-Ply and many other concrete formwork systems. We help our customers locate the right Sure Built materials for their job. Let us know if we can help you supply your worksite with Sure Built forms and ties.

Dayton Superior is one of the foremost names in the concrete wall forming business and we’re proud to be able to provide their products to our clients. From concrete foundation forms to higher end, heavier duty Max-A-Form® system, these rugged, reliable cement forms are used in large-scale construction projects around the nation. Their formliner products are becoming more and more renowned for not only building the skyline, but shaping it as well. Contact us today for the best prices on used Dayton Superior formwork systems.

The Symon® brand concrete formwork system is made by Dayton Superior and is best highlighted by their success with the Steel-Ply® and Sym-Ply®  handset systems. As some of our most popularly requested forms, we know the value of the construction assets well. The Steel-Ply® system is excellent for custom forming and successfully building uniquely shaped spaces and walls. If you’re in the market for Steel-Ply® handset forming, we can help. Let us know what you need and we can find you the best deal for your order.

The EMI Elite forming System is another popular choice among contractors. Sporting their exclusive DuraCoat powder coating, these concrete wall forms will remain rust free so you can continue to use them time and time again. Their versatile build allows for lots of different tie in points and is excellent for jobs that require a flexible, adjustable system. Made from half-inch Douglas Fir core plywood with a Birch veneer, these forms are tough enough for your most demanding jobs.


We’re Here To Help

With so many choices, Independent Forming is glad to provide advice and guidance in choosing the best new or used forms for your concrete formwork project. Our teams can track down the right cement forms at the right price and help you get to work on time and within your budget. Call us today with questions, or to start an order with the only concrete form sourcing partner you’ll ever need.